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Empowering Leaders, Building Teams, Transforming Futures!

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Christina Wyatt

Empowering Leaders, Building Teams, Transforming Futures!

Transformational Leadership Coaching

Coaching Supervision

High-Performance Team Development

Are you feeling stuck or blocked and ready to take your leadership to the next level?

Imagine having a dedicated partner who empowers you to reach your goals, supports you overcome challenges and transform your life. This is what coaching can do!

Welcome to Christina Wyatt Coaching

At the heart of our organisation is a philosophy rooted in the belief that true leadership is about inspiring change and fostering an environment where both individuals and teams can thrive and achieve their full potential. Our approach is grounded in the principles of empowerment, collaboration, and strategic foresight, drawing from my decade-long experience as a successful bank manager and a leader of people.

My journey in the high-stakes world of UK finance has ingrained in me the importance of managing and truly leading — a process that involves understanding each individual’s unique strengths, cultivating a shared vision, and steering teams towards achieving extraordinary results. This experience has been invaluable in shaping a coaching style that is both empathetic and results-driven, focusing on developing high-performing teams and leaders across various organisations.

Our coaching framework is designed to:

• Empower Individual Leaders: By unlocking their potential, enhancing their decision-making skills, and bolstering their confidence to lead effectively.

• Build Cohesive Teams: Through fostering a culture of trust, open communication, and collective responsibility.

• Drive Transformation: By aligning leadership and team goals with organisational objectives, ensuring a path to sustainable growth and success.

In every engagement, our goal is not just to guide but to transform. The best leaders are those who can inspire change, adapt to evolving landscapes, and leave a lasting positive impact on their teams and organisations.

Let's embark on this journey together to empower you and your team, building a legacy of leadership that transcends beyond the boardroom, transforming futures, one leader at a time.

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“The path to success is to take massive, determined action”

Tony Robbins

Our Coaching Services

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Equipping Individuals to Navigate the Complexities of Today’s Dynamic Business Landscape

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Elevating Your Practice to New Heights

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Harnessing Collective Strengths for Exceptional Results

Confidence & Success Coach | Coach Supervisor

Hello, I am Christina

Hello, I'm Christina As a seasoned Confidence and Success Coach, Coach Supervisor, and a champion of transformational leadership, I bring a unique blend of professional expertise and personal journey to my coaching practice.

My philosophy is grounded in the conviction that success and fulfilment are not mutually exclusive – it is possible to excel in your career while leading a balanced, thriving life.

Having navigated these crossroads myself, I understand the challenges of feeling stuck or uncertain. This empathy forms the cornerstone of my approach as I guide you to unlock your inner brilliance and potential.

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It was very insightful working with Christina

- she helped me to process my thoughts and gain a perspective that isn’t always easy to see without the guidance of a coach . I felt I could trust Christina and she effectively tailored her approach to my needs and made every session easy and enjoyable.

-Kim Mazoui
Director at Barclays

How to Start



Engage in a detailed discussion to assess the specific development needs of your senior leaders or teams. This step is crucial in understanding the unique challenges and objectives within your organisation, allowing us to tailor our coaching approach to align with your corporate goals and culture.



Choose from our specialised coaching programmes, each crafted to enhance leadership capabilities or team performance.



Witness the transformative impact of our coaching on your leaders and teams. As they progress through the programme, you'll observe marked improvements in leadership effectiveness, team cohesion, and overall performance. This step is about seeing tangible results that contribute to the success and growth of your organisation

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I really value my coaching supervision sessions with Christina

I highly recommend Christina as a dedicated and supportive coaching supervisor.
She is professional and collaborative in her approach. She listens attentively, and asks insightful questions which help to build my coaching capacity through reflective dialogue for the benefit of myself and my clients. Her knowledge of coaching models and access to resources have been invaluable to the development of my own coaching practice.
I really value my coaching supervision sessions with Christina.

-Tracey Lamb
Diversity And Development Consultant

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