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"Building relationships is not about transactions, it about connections”

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Hello, I am Christina

Hello, I'm Christina

As a seasoned Confidence and Success Coach, Coach Supervisor, and a champion of transformational leadership, I bring a unique blend of professional expertise and personal journey to my coaching practice.

My philosophy is grounded in the conviction that success and fulfilment are not mutually exclusive – it is possible to excel in your career while leading a balanced, thriving life.

Having navigated these crossroads myself, I understand the challenges of feeling stuck or uncertain.

This empathy forms the cornerstone of my approach as I guide you to unlock your inner brilliance and potential.


My Story

My coaching journey has been a transformative personal odyssey. After years in a highlevel leadership role within a major financial institution, I found myself at a crossroads in 2012, feeling unfulfilled in my career. This led me to a career break and a globetrotting adventure, during which I discovered my true calling in coaching. This experience was a testament to the power of coaching in unlocking paths to selfdiscovery and reinvention.

Since then, I have dedicated myself to executive coaching full-time since 2014, enriching the lives and careers of hundreds of clients. My qualifications include a double diploma in executive coaching and mentoring, a postgraduate degree in coaching supervision, and certifications in team coaching and the psychometric profiling tool ‘PRINT’.

My background as a senior leader has been invaluable. It has equipped me with firsthand insights into the dynamics and pressures of high-stakes environments. This experience informs my coaching, allowing me to empathise with and effectively guide individuals and teams in similar settings.

Balancing my professional pursuits, I am also a wife and mother, passionate about achieving harmony across all facets of life. This personal aspect of my journey is integral to my coaching, as I help clients navigate the complex interplay between personal and professional fulfilment.

I firmly believe in the transformative potential of coaching, both from my experiences and the successes of my clients. This belief and passion for continuous learning and development drive me to empower others. I am excited to share the transformational leadership journey with you, helping you unfold your story of success and fulfilment.

Skills & Experience

  • Double diploma in Executive Coaching and Mentoring

  • Post graduate qualification in Coaching Supervision

  • Certificates in team coaching and NLP

  • 10 years senior leadership experience in a FTSE100 company

  • Proven record of individual and team transformation

How I help my clients reach their potential

Practical Resources

Tailored for your needs

Intuition and Experience

How to Start



Engage in a detailed discussion to assess the specific development needs of your senior leaders or teams. This step is crucial in understanding the unique challenges and objectives within your organisation, allowing us to tailor our coaching approach to align with your corporate goals and culture.



Choose from our specialised coaching programmes, each crafted to enhance leadership capabilities or team performance.



Witness the transformative impact of our coaching on your leaders and teams. As they progress through the programme, you'll observe marked improvements in leadership effectiveness, team cohesion, and overall performance. This step is about seeing tangible results that contribute to the success and growth of your organisation

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I highly recommend Christina as a great coach

Christina has been supporting me on a 1:1 coaching basis for a number of years. Through her ability to listen, analyse, challenge and re-frame scenarios, she has been highly effective in facilitating me to think things through more clearly and also to apply a fresh layer of perspective on to challenges that I’ve faced. I’ve always looked forward to our sessions and never ‘walked’ away anything other than positive and refreshed in my thinking. Christina has also supported my wider team to approach their own leadership in a more collaborative but performance-focused way. I highly recommend Christina as a great coach.

-Graham Pannett

I am passionate that everyone can have the future of their desires, where they feel empowered and fulfilled in whatever they are doing.

-Christina Wyatt

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